ID or Contractor? 

Any recommendations fr ID or contractor?  


Bridesmaid MUA

Salam uolls,

Anyone yg sudi share any MUA who can do makeup for my bridesmaids & my family members? 😦 


Wedding venue

hello Btb or ex Btb! 

Today i kene turn down by a few CCs. so sad 😦  idk & idc & haizzzzz 


Anyone of u girls have any ideas any suggestion, if yess pls comment? Is Alkaff mansion too X? Sape yg pernah dpt quote frm them…. 

Bridesmaid Gathering

Terima kasih awak!! legaa gile bile ade BTB yg comment i nye previous post. Thank you awakss!

Syukur that all of my bridesmaids can get along. Hehehe!

Screen Shot 2015-03-22 at 10.04.20 pm

Sebenar nye ini last Friday 20th March ’15 at Vintage Delicafe.. punye lar ramai sgt org & nasib dpt ddk kt dalam. Oh ye, akhirnya dapat bagi-bagi customized tote & all the kainsss. HEHEHE! Nervous tao pasal I ne tk pernah sekali pn host a meeting & all the way pulak i kene interview. HAHAHA! Alhamdulillah semua settle the kettle! Aminnn. Oh yes, I managed to have my itinerary done within 1 week. tu pn i dpt dari Kak Khronicles kite. Helpful giler! thanks Kak! here’s the link Ofc lar i ade tukar2 sikit hehehe playcheat hahaha but seriously helpful giler. Very the teliti! For those yg last minute giler sila larh g kt link itu & download. Trust me!

Screen Shot 2015-03-22 at 10.05.15 pm

Customized Tote Bags from @sweetlittlegarden

I suke lourve sgt kain color ini pasal its my FAV COLORS!!! In fact I SUKE EVERYTHING!!!  Syukur sgt-sgt kain ini harga pon tidak mahal sgt. I got it like for $5 per mtr kain Silldoll jer. Lining tk perlu babe! FUH! Since tk kn lar nk kasi kain jer kt dalam bag kn.. So i plan beli kn mereka facial mask from Etude House, sweets from any shop u can get & wet tissue frm Watsons. I sengaje choose yg pinky pinky color konon feeling girly-girly gitu. HAHAHA!

Screen Shot 2015-03-22 at 10.05.05 pm Screen Shot 2015-03-22 at 10.04.56 pm

As for my lace border I beli kt kedai sequins kt Arab Street (tgk kt gmbr bawa tu). I tell you allllllll, boleh jadi giler kt kedai tu. Semua lawa! Bile masuk ilham SAP! dtg mcm-mcm idea kt dlm otak. HAHAHA. Oh ye, the lace yg i beli costs $7 per mtr. not bad kn?

Screen Shot 2015-03-22 at 10.04.45 pm Screen Shot 2015-03-22 at 10.04.31 pm

Syukur sgt-sgt, finally da bagi-bagi. Seriously betol tk sabar larh nk kawin! HAHAHHA!